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An innovative spirit wear solution for your school or campus

An easy, efficient way to control your brand. Allow parents and students to purchase apparel and gear from a unique online store that will ship directly to their homes. Plus, raise money with a built in fundraiser.

NKDR1499_black_urbana tigers left chest
Gildan 64000 - Sport Grey - Urbana with
NKDH7709_flintgrey_Urbana Tigers Text On
Augusta - 1425-029 - Orange - Urbana Tig
Sample web site.png

Customized school store

Stop sorting, storing, distributing, and managing overly complex custom apparel. Get everything your students and parents need all from one provider. Best of all?
Reward, energize, and incentivize students with digital coupons or voucher programs.  

Get year-round access to custom apparel

Your store never closes it's open 24/7/365.  Spirit wear and school gear can be purchased all year.  Orders ship directly to their homes so there is no need to sort, collect payments, or hand out items.  

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