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Vibrant, durable, and stretchy.  Wearables are the World’s Best Heat Transfers.  This is the Swiss Army knife of apparel printing and will solve majority of any problems.

It does not matter if you want a decoration your

favorite cotton t-shirt or stretchy fabrics used to make

comfortable athleisure wear, these beautiful heat

transfers are the perfect fit for most textiles.

Wearable transfers are made with proprietary

water-based ink formula which provides great wash

ability, breath ability, and a soft hand fit for a baby.

Featuring brilliant colors and epic, bright whites, turn

complex artwork into easy, everyday jobs without the 

hassle of counting colors. 

Wearable's was created with a combination of digital

and screen-printing techniques, making it a true

hybrid transfer. What sets us apart? Supacolor can go

beyond CMYK, giving us the ability to print millions of

colors and reproduce nearly any design with minimal

limitations. Unlike one-size-fits-all transfers, we make our transfers specifically for the material

they’re going to be applied to. So, whether it’s a t-shirt, jacket, cap or bag, the transfer will survive whatever life throws at it. Independent testing proves that even after 70 washes, they’ll still look great. Plus, they’re made with water-based inks and certified OEKO-TEX 100, so you can be confident they’re non-toxic.

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